Ludum Dare 41 //Tartu

54 jammers + 92 pizzas + 110 energy drinks = 13 games in one weekend!   This Ludum Dare theme was really interesting: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres. The theme produced the strangest games in any game jam we have hosted so far. Oddly enough, most of them related to dating. And we got extremely lucky.

Global Game Jam 2018 // Tartu

Global Game Jam 2018 happened 26-28 January. We ate humongous amount of pizza (72), formed 13 teams with 53 jammers. The theme was “Transmission”. This was also the 10th anniversary of GGJ and all over the world, 42,800 jammers made 8,606 games in 108 countries. We also did local voting and this time games got 400

Ludum Dare 40

From the 1st to 4th of December in 2017 we organized a local gathering for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam. We had a record number of 49 participants in 10 teams! In addition to the APT GG members there were 10 guest jammers from Latvia. We also created a dedicated page for the

Ludum Dare 39

On the last weekend in July of 2017 we organized a local gathering for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam. Because of the unusual date (July instead of the planned August) we only had 13 jammers in 3 teams. All teams used Unity as the game engine and made 2D games. Differently from the previous

APT VR Jam 2017

On the 29th and 30th of July 2017 we organized our first ever VR Jam called APT GG VR Jam 2017. Through the event there were 4 different workshops, each touching on important game development aspects from the VR perspective. The talks included the topics like Items and Mechanics, GUI, Environment and Level Design. Majority

Computer Graphics Theses 2017

In 2017 the students did several computer graphics and game development related theses in the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu. The topics vary from game development to user interface design. Many of them were improved during the Computer Graphics Project course. This year we also had the Computer Game Development and Design course