Ludum Dare 40

From the 1st to 4th of December in 2017 we organized a local gathering for the Ludum Dare 40 game jam. We had a record number of 49 participants in 10 teams! In addition to the APT GG members there were 10 guest jammers from Latvia. We also created a dedicated page for the jammers to rate each others’ games in the end.

The event was organized together with our main partners: the Tartu Art School, the Institute of Computer Science, Olevus Art, RC Snail, Acode Games and Ruutu10. In addition to that there were many supporters with their own special prizes for the winning teams: Futuruum, GameCamps, Stray Fawn Studio, Baldur Jewelry. The award ceremony was held in Erinevate Tubade Klubi and supported by the Tartu Science Park and Interreg Central Baltic.

Thanks also to Edvin Aedma from Interactive Fate for doing a talk How to Succeed in Making Games.

Here are the 10 teams and their games!

Butcher’s Trials
By Rauno Umborg, Kersti Mölder, Andry Nõgols, Giancarlo Robles Pacheco, Aleksandr Bregin

LD40 - Butcher's TrialsLD40 - Butcher's Trials

Recipe of immortality is in the sights of this butcher! Unfortunately the butcher has many trials to face in order to actually get all the ingredients.$55659


Doomsday Lovers!
By Ivars Bergs, Sīmanis Mikoss, Valdis Danilevics, Liene Strunke

LD40 - Doomsday Lovers!LD40 - Doomsday Lovers!

Only 7 days until Doomsday? That is no problem for Chad, as he already has a plan! Guide Chad to acquire as many lovers as possible until the fated day, so that he does not have to die alone.$65961


the Disease Crawleth
By Diana Algma, Marko Täht, Fredy Schmidt, Martin Viidik, Ave Kodar, Triin Liira

LD40 - the Disease CrawlethLD40 - the Disease Crawleth

Life in medieval times was not always fun and games. Often it was dysentery instead! Crawl your way through the dungeons filled with rats and mosquitoes, while battling a countless numbers of de-buffs. To make matters worse, you do not even know if the princess is in this or another castle.$65972


Embrace Space
By Daniel Nael, Ott Saar, Raigo Kõvask, Martin Laidma, Jazeps Rutkis

LD40 - Embrace SpaceLD40 - Embrace Space

You think guns are fun? Think again! Shooting the gun here is a matter of survival, as it will explode otherwise! Unfortunately shooting in the wrong direction will destroy the platforms you need to reach the end of this game. Now featuring many different power ups and a Christmas suit!$65902


DTL (Dumber Than Light)
By Andres Kalle, Hiie-Helen Raju, Jürmo Mehine, Ivo Voika, Reimo Luik, Dan Bondarenko

LD40 - DTL (Dumber Than Light)LD40 - DTL (Dumber Than Light)

Everything is in absolute harmony in the universe. Until the humans show up and start opening suspicious e-mail attachments on your space ship terminals. Place traps, kittens and sheep to keep the humans at bay. When they get too close, use a neutralizer device attached to every ship console.$66023


SWEG Not Fast
By Māris Mežpaps, Jānis Gitendorfs, Eric Lismanis

LD40 - SWEG Not FastLD40 - SWEG Not Fast

It is not easy, when you have a basket for a head. Especially, when someone is firing cannons at you. Try to survive as much as possible on these very unstable platforms. The heavier you are, the faster you’ll fall.$55120


Disco Warriors
By Leene Künnap, Mikk Pristavka, Reimo Rebane, Silver Kontus, Tiit Pikma, Aare Undo

LD40 - Disco WarriorsLD40 - Disco Warriors

Dance the night away in a catchy disco beat with several disco friends. Make sure not to miss any disco beats though. When the morning dawns, you have to face off the disco boss, who is challenging your hard earned groove!$58065


Catdventure (III place)
By Andreas Ragen Ayal, Tiina Kuura, Silver Laius, Stiven Vesi, Aleksandra Leesment

LD40 - CatdventureLD40 - Catdventure

It is not easy being a cat. Especially when you have numerous kittens to guide home and an overly bouncy couch on the way there. Picking the little furballs up helps, but not for long as the kittens just wanna have fun!


Bunny Mayhem Simulator (II place)
By Joosep Jääger, Ott Adermann, Jaanus Jaggo, Tuuli Neerot, Siim Raudsepp, Silver Kirotar

LD40 - Bunny Mayhem SimulatorLD40 - Bunny Mayhem Simulator

Exponential growth is nothing to joke about, especially when we are dealing with bunnies. Cute at first, but the situation is easy to lose grasp of. Use different strategies like throwing unnecessary bunnies off the cliff or turning them into demon bunnies in the swamp. There are also several bunny-puzzles hidden throughout the gameplay and you can build your own bunny farm!$65999


Get to the CHOPPA! (I place)
By Sercan Altundas, Shalva Avanashvili, Ģirts Ķesteris

LD40 - Get to the CHOPPA!LD40 - Get to the CHOPPA!

Nicholases have been caged and it is your job to decide who will live or die! Battle the Predator hordes as Arnold and save as many caged Nicholases on the way as you can. Or not. Does not really matter as long as you get to the CHOPPA! Beware of exploding coconuts, though.$62459


Thanks to all the jammers and supporters of the event!