Ludum Dare 38

On the 21th to 24th of April we organized a local Ludum Dare 38 event in Tartu. There were 43 participants who made 9 great games! The teams used different game engines from Unity to Unreal Engine and GameMaker Studio. Whole lot of different self-made music was done for the games. Also varying art styles and techniques for used for the visuals. The theme for the Ludum Dare 38 was A Small World.

The teams were formed with help from Ruutu10 (Andres Kalle and Jürmo Mehine). On Friday’s night there was a presentation How to Ludum? by Raimond Tunnel. On Sunday there was a presentation How to Win the Game Jam? by Andres Kalle.

The event was organized with support from the Institute of Computer Science, Tartu Art School, Ruutu10Futuruum, RCSnail, Olevus Art, IllOmen, Greenheart Games and Acode Games. Big thanks to all of them for helping us out and also offering different prizes for the jammers!


Worlds in Progress
By Madis Kübarsepp, Elise Rämmer, Johannes-Reginald Jaagomann

worlds-in-progress worlds-in-progress-team

Explore the hidden secrets in this mystical world that is always in progress. There is a corruption spreading through this beautiful and creative landscape, all of which you can discover by jumping on different platforms.

Soldier’s Misfortunes
By Andry Nõgols, Rauno Umborg, Giancarlo Robles Pacheco, Kersti Mölder, Frederic Meensalu

soldiers-misfortunes soldiers-misfortunes-team

Fight as a soldier through a light world and a dark world. When you die, you end up in the dark world, which you have to beat to get back into the light world. There are 5 ever-increasing levels.

By Egon Elbre, Joonatan Samuel, Jüri Suurväli, Reino Meensalu, Setalla-Maria Kangur

smol smol-team

Be a small robot-ninja trying to get back to its home on top of a tree. You have 6 jumps and dashes to platform your way over the mushrooms and tree branches in order to get back home.$26452

Revenge of the Bananas
By Diana Algma, Siim Raudsepp, Marko Täht, Tanel Märjama, Aimar Soots

bananas bananas-team

You are a banana-king and have to collect bananas before they rot. Rotten bananas turn evil and will start attacking you. In order to defend, you can build banana-houses and banana-soldiers to battle the rotten bananas.

Adventures of Sir Horsington Von Stick III: Wood Enough
By Joosep Jääger, Leene Künnap, Marko Korbun, Ott Adermann, Vootele Parts


You are a hero, who wants to fight a dragon. Accidentally a growth potion has worked a bit too well and you are HUGE. Battle the angry villagers, bandits and other adventures for you right to fight the dragon! Humorous and features fully hand-drawn animations.$26404

Cobra Caliber 2: There Can Only Be One More
By Aare Undo, Mikk Pristavka, Tiit Pikma, Juhan Trink


In the year 2007 all the planets in the Milky Way have become really small, because they are mined out. People are living in orbit. Cobra Caliber will jump from planet to planet in order to get to his nemesis. Falling into the small planets’ atmosphere can be quite tricky, however. This game is built fully in JavaScript using the Phaser framework.

Forest Haven (III place)
By Sercan Altundas, Erik Kaljumäe, Gregor Nõges, Silvia Linn, Martin Sild


Be the Tarzan fighting for the survival of his forest and villages. Game consists of 3 stages: First has you plan out, which bulldozer to battle; Second is a jumping level to get to the bulldozer through a thick forest; Finally you battle the evil corporate machines head on.

Introvert Adventure (II place)
By Jürmo Mehine, Reimo Luik, Silver Kirotar, Daniel Kütt, Merle Palk


You are drunk in a party. The party sucks. You need to get to the bathroom, but all sorts of annoying people will want to talk to you. It’s a small world after all.

Knapsack World (I place)
By Annika Hansalu, Jaanus Jaggo, Nathan Vaino, Fredy Schmidt, Raido Kikas


What could be smaller than your knapsack? In this small world you have to organize and combine your items correctly in order to keep small monsters from taking over the knapsack.


Thanks to all the jammers for making such cool stuff! We hope you had fun time! 🙂

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