Schedule – Spring 2017

Schedule for the APT GG meetings and presenters for the Spring 2017. On Mondays at 18:00 in Aparaaditehas.

Do not miss out in participating in the awesome and unique presentations from our presenters! Optionally you can also bring them candy and shake their hand. ­čśë

Presenter Title Date
Jaanus Jaggo
Jaanus Jaggo

APT GG Introduction

Interested in making games, but new in APT GG?
Find out how we can help you out with that. What even is game development? What do players expect from games?

Raul K├╝barsepp
Raul K├╝barsepp

Global Game Jam 2017 Recap

Game jams always produce many wondrous games. Try out the games APT GG made in GGJ 2017 and ask questions directly from the creators.

Raul K├╝barsepp
Raul K├╝barsepp

Game Pitches

Have a new idea for a game? Come and find your dream team for making your idea into reality!
Maybe join the best teams from GGJ 2017, who may continue developing their game jam games into something even greater!


Jens-Stefan Mikson

How To Complete & Launch a Game?

Many games never get off the ground. Find out how to actually finish your game and launch it to the players!
The project lead of Tribocalypse speaks from his experience about team motivation, milestone and feature planning, prerequisites for launching a title.


Raul K├╝barsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

You have developed new features in your game or maybe concentrated on the polish? Whichever the case, do come and tell about your work!
Useful feedback about your game is a key to success!


Raimond Tunnel

Computer Graphics – The Standard Graphics Pipeline

Ever wondered what magic goes around in the GPU? Wonder no more!
The computer graphics specialist from the University of Tartu will explain the pipeline that your 3D goes through, when you are asking the computer to render something.


Raimond Tunnel

Computer Graphics – The Vertex and Fragment Shaders

Shader is a piece of code, which is ran on the GPU in parallel. What does this mean and why is it necessary? If it is a piece of code, could you program it yourself?
Find out answers to those questions in this talk about the vertex and fragment shaders!


Ruudi Vinter

How To Test Your Game?

So you have understood that testing your game is very important┬áÔÇô no one likes buggy or hard-to-use software. Unfortunately incorrect testing will not yield you useful results. So how to actually test correctly, so that you can be sure at launch that people will like the game?

Raul K├╝barsepp
Raul K├╝barsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Last week’s testing talk helped you reveal a lot of misconceptions about your game? And now you have┬ámade your game better? Excellent!
Do come and show your progress and let’s discuss any problems you might be facing!

Ruudi Vinter

UI / UX Design ABC

So your game has users? Human-computer interaction is quite a vast field and designing your game around the current and best understandings of user-experience is very important! You do not want the unique core of your game to be hidden under layers of bad UI, do you?

Leene K├╝nnap

2D Pixel Art

Pixel art is all about representing key aspects with limited resources. Your 20 by 40 pixels character may need to be able to express a range of emotions, have several animations, an unique look and feel. Learn all about how to convey your ideas through pixel art!
Do not keep the artist in you locked up forever!


Taivo Seppa

Making Games with Construct 2

Looking for an easy tool to make 2D games quickly? Look no more! Construct 2 allows just that (no coding required) and you can make games for the web and mobile platforms in a few hours!
This part-workshop talk is also a great way to prepare yourself for the LD38 game jam!

Raul K├╝barseppRaul K├╝barsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Game just beginning to take form or maybe it is nearly completed and ready for launch? Come and talk about your experiences so far and show a little demo of your game… everyone likes games!
If you have ran into problems, then even more reason to come and seek help ÔÇô this is why were are here for!



Joonatan Samuel

Melancholy Game Design: Show, Don’t Tell!




Ludum Dare 38

This weekend will be the Ludum Dare 38 game jam!
Game jam is a perfect opportunity to learn new skills, discover the world of game development or put yourself to the test! Make a game in 3 days with the help from your team and instructors! Participate in APT GG local competition and win prizes for your game! Overall just have an exciting and fun weekend tackling gamedev with new friends!

From 21.04 to 24.04

Madis Vasser

Wrong Assumptions in Game Dev

Making wrong assumptions can be bad in any field. Everyone has made them throughout their life. Best strategy to avoid making wrong assumptions is to know about them in advance and always think critically. VR game developer Madis Vasser from the CGVR lab will speak about his errors, so that we can all become better, stronger and faster!
Optionally bring tissue paper…

Raul K├╝barseppRaul K├╝barsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Last chance in the Spring of 2017 to show your game off to fellow APT GG members┬áÔÇô all waiting keenly to try out your awesome game!
As usual, everyone will try to do their best in helping you out in making your game!


Marko Korbun

Tribocalypse Post-Mortem

What happens with a game after the launch and hype has passed? Learn all about the mistakes and successes of Tribocalypse from the game designer and PR specialist Marko!
Optionally bring tissue paper…

Raul K├╝barsepp
Raul K├╝barsepp

Educational Game Development

Want to make something more than your average game? Besides high entertainment value, games can also provide great educational value!
Learn all about the different considerations and also investment opportunities educational games have!

Leene K├╝nnap

2D Pixel Art Workshop

Time to sharpen your pixels and bring out a line tool, because it’s time for a workshop! Come and try out yourself what wonderful images you can create with just coloring a fixed number of pixels. Are some pixels more important? What colors to use? How to draw an outline? Let’s find out the answers together!


Raul K├╝barsepp

Summer Party, Maybe?

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate all your summer blockbuster game sale profit than having a party!


The next presentations will be somewhere in August-September… TBA