Schedule – Spring 2018

Schedule for the APT GG talks for the Spring 2018. On Mondays at 18:00 in Aparaaditehas.

Do not miss out in participating in the awesome and unique presentations from our presenters! Optionally you can also bring them candy and shake their hand. ­čśë


Presenter Title Date
Marko and Raul
Marko and Raul

Game Progress Demonstration vol 15

Games are taking shape? In game development it is important not to take too long breaks in developing. So come and show everyone what you have made during the last month!
Furthermore, the earlier you get feedback, the less costly it is to tweak your design choices!

Erich Brutus
Erich Brutus

3D Modeling Basics in Blender

This is the workshop for you if you don’t know anything about 3d modeling in blender.

Angelo Maiuri
Angelo Maiuri

AdGoals – affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing and how could it help out game developers? Angelo from AdGoals will give us some insight.

Madis K├╝barsepp
Madis K├╝barsepp

Workshop: Unreal engine basics

This workshop will be going through the basics of the Unreal Engine. Know nothing about Unreal? Well, this is a good opportunity to get first hand experience with this game engine.

Marko and RaulMarko and Raul

Game Progress Demonstration: vol 16

16th Game Progress demonstration. Lets see what everyone has done so far. Also, this a good opportunity to ask questions about projects and the workflow.


Leene K├╝nnap

Game Design for Commercial Success

MARKETING ! ! ! Did you shiver in fear or disgust? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be boring. How to design a game that grabs the attention on the market. Let’s approach advertising in a new way and learn about some fun, effective and unconventional ways to sell your game or anything really.

Egon Elbre
Egon Elbre

Readable Code

Let’s dig deep into psychology of code readability and learn where all the rules-of-thumb for good code come from.

John Avila

60.0 Shades of Frames

This is a short presentation on my own personal journey into the way of shades, gathering basic skills, understand the basic shaders code and ended up make something useful out of it just to make make visuals more dynamic and smooth. At the end we all want to make our game look cooler.

Marko and Raul
Marko and Raul

Game Progress Demonstration: vol 17

Game progress??? Yes of course! Lets see what everyone has done so far.


Edvin Aedma

Narrative in games

Edvin Aedma: How to design game narrative. Using game goals and development as creative constraints?

Silver Kontus

Anima 2d: 2d animations in Unity. Improve your workflow.

Learn how to export Photoshop images for Anima2d and how to rig and animate objects with ease inside your Unity project.


Ludum Dare 41

Ludum Dare 41

Ludum Dare is a weekend long game jam, where you can learn gamedev skills and meet new people by making a cool game together.


John Avila

From Not so Noob to decent Game Dev

Second delivery of my progress as an indie game developer, game projects iÔÇÖm currently working on, code experiments and games that are actually somehow now playable. An opportunity to share my story, what new skills i have acquired during recent months and what other weird thing i am working on and hopefully inspire you in your own personal journey.

header-blue-orange Marko and Raul

Game Progress Demonstration: vol 18 //The Reckoning

18th Game progress demo? Should we celebrate? OR see what everyone has done so far. I like last one more, seems more interesting.

Madis K├╝barsepp

Workshop: Pixelart

This is for beginners and even for people who have not done any art at all. Creating pixel art can be quite fun and relaxing experience. And Madis will show us the basics.


Veiko Klemmer

Workshop: Digital painting

Lets learn how to photobash and create cool concept art with ease!

Levar L├Áhmus

Texturing 3D Models

Levar L├Áhmus will talk and give pointers about texturing. What decisions, you should make when starting texturing 3D models. What to avoid, most common mistakes and small demo how to do it.

Raul and Marko

Summer party??!?

Yes! This will happen but we don’t know when, where and how. More info at the end of May.


Most of the talks will be available on our YouTube channel for re-watching.

The next presentations will be somewhere in September… TBA