APT VR Jam 2017

On the 29th and 30th of July 2017 we organized our first ever VR Jam called APT GG VR Jam 2017. Through the event there were 4 different workshops, each touching on important game development aspects from the VR perspective. The talks included the topics like Items and Mechanics, GUI, Environment and Level Design. Majority of the material was based on Jens-Stefan Mikson’s Bachelor’s thesis titled Virtual Reality Game Design Analysis Based on Tribocalypse VR.

In APT GG we provided 3 HTC Vive’s for the 3 registered teams to develop on throughout the jam. Two of the teams used the Unity game engine and one used Unreal Engine 4. Each team also had an personal instructor: the Unity teams had Raimond Tunnel (CGVR) and Jens-Stefan Mikson (Tribocalypse VR), the Unreal Engine 4 team had Ats Kurvet (Exteriorbox) as the instructor.

In addition to the instructors Madis Vasser from Futuruum offered a Subpac and 3 Vive trackers for the jammers to try out and develop on.

The talks on VR game design topics were recorded and can be viewed here:

We like to offer our thanks to Tartu Art School, the Institute of Computer Science and Olevus Art for their help. Thanks also to the instructors and the 3 jamming teams! 🙂