Ludum Dare 39

On the last weekend in July of 2017 we organized a local gathering for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam. Because of the unusual date (July instead of the planned August) we only had 13 jammers in 3 teams. All teams used Unity as the game engine and made 2D games.

Differently from the previous times we did not have a dedicated jury in LD39. Rather all the jammers and organizers played all the games and gave local ratings and feedback themselves.

Thanks to Tartu Art School for providing the classrooms for the jam, the Institute of Computer Science for the small prizes and Olevus Art for art and photography.

In addition to the 3 local competition teams both Joosep Jääger and Raimond Tunnel also participated in the compo jam.

By Joosep Jääger

LD39-Shellshocked-1 LD39-Shellshocked-2

Explore alien worlds (with actual dangerous aliens in them) in a power-hog spaceship with a large drill. Mine exotic minerals and find the wormhole before your power runs out and you are trapped inside the murky caverns forever. Slenderman in space.



Press [SPACE] to Invade
By Raimond Tunnel

LD39-Space-1 LD39-Space-2

Conquer the space with numerous rockets in order to keep your space power up. Mechanics are self-explanatory, but beware: this is a game about dedication, endurance and inevitability of it all.



Dark Power (III place)
By Tuuli Neerot, Raido Kikas, Jaanus Jaggo, Reimo Rebane

LD39-DarkPower-1 LD39-DarkPower-2

Live out your inner fantasies of being a Necromancer and summon hoards of skeletons to fight by your side. Never has there been such an accurate necromancer-simulator since the first Diablo games. Buy new skills and reign fire down upon the knights in a large castle. Keep an eye on the power meter though, because the dark powers can also be your final powers.



Terra Tenebris (II place)
By Giancarlo Robles Pachecho, Kersti Mölder, Jürmo Mehine, Ott Adermann, Rasmus Rahnu

LD39-TerraTenebris-1 LD39-TerraTenebris-3

In a subterranean world power comes in power cells. Explore the eerie and tricky caverns to find the aforementioned power cells and try to make it to the end. Naturally there are other creatures in those caverns as well for whom the power cell is your flesh.



ZAPbots (I place)
By Leene Künnap, Silver Kirotar, Daniel Kütt, Siim Raudsepp

LD39-ZapBots-1 LD39-ZapBots-2

Gather some friends around one computer and experience the 90s local multiplayer in this gorgeous and gorgeously competative game. Electricity through air is impossible even in the future, so all robots must stay plugged into power outlets in order to keep on roboting. As envy is only natural, other bots seek to steal your power extensions and you must do the same. If things get dicey, all robots come equipped with a high voltage zapper to daze the thieves.


Big thanks to all the jammers who came and spent one of their summer weekends developing such amazing and enjoyably quirky games!