Ludum Dare 37

The last APT GG organized game jam in 2016 – Ludum Dare 37 – took place from 9th to 12th December. Event brought a record number of 41 participants who made in total of 9 games. Jammers ranged from experienced game developers to students only beginning in the field. The staff consisted of 13 people among who were instructors to help in both the art and IT related things. Furthermore we had 2 inspiring presenters: Edvin Aedma from Interactive Fate and Andres Kalle from Ruutu10, who talked about gamedev and helped people break the ice. Ludum Dare 37-s theme was One Room.

The event was supported by Tartu Art School, Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu, Hypester Games, Headshot Labs, Digitigu, Acode Games, Interactive Fate, Olevus Art and Viru Õlu. Big thanks to our supporters for the rooms, hardware, food and drinks and, of course, the awards for the best games!


Mind Space by Productions Ltd

An action-adventure game about choices in a room that is your own mind.

Human Herd by Erilised Peped

Strategy game about sheep herding humans. You have to build walls to keep humans from escaping and train flying sheep to bring escaped humans back.

Dark Room by Dark Room Team

Another adventure game, where one can explore the depths of one mind after suffering amnesia. Piece together the few shards of memory you have, to come to a shocking conclusion.

Blessing the Star by GitCat

Collect Christmas Spirits through this common household as an elf. Some spirits give you power-up to help you avoid the mean cat in the house. A very Christmasy experience, where the end goal is to light up the star on top of the Christmas tree.


One Room Ninja by Ninjas

Be a nimble ninja on this platformer game and try to reach the goal, while your sensei instructs you. Very good level / complexity progression and feel. In the life of a ninja, the sound is also very important. When you finish the level, then you can try to finish the level blind, relying only on the sound like a true ninja.

Happy Pill Marketing by Big Pharma

Experience the world of mental illness in this fighting game. Crazy, high quality visuals and sound give you a feel that you might have problems yourself if you play this game for too long. Using photographs as art also gives this game a neat nostalgic look.

Get Rect (III place) by team tiim

Life the life of a Jolly Rectangle trying to survive in a basement of crazy calamities. A platformer game with a very unique art style and atmosphere. It even features an artsy compendium of all the monsters and weapons (and there are a few of both).


Hamster-Hamster (II place) by HamsterHamster

Be a hamster in this giant hamster-wheel. Hamster tries to break out of its cage by eating vegetables or cake and pizza to gain new powers. But this hamster-wheel is treacherous – featuring lazers and water barrels, so being a hamster is not as easy as it looks. Features cute graphics and a simple, but solid gameplay.

The Button (I place) by Campanology

This is what happens if Minecraft and Portal meet. The game starts out with a really simple goal: just press one button. As the game advances, the timer to press the button starts go faster and faster. More buttons appear and the player has to create integrate contraptions to keep pushing the buttons in due time. It is amazing how the puzzle elements, GLaDOS-like voice overs, the art style and simple mechanics all come together in this masterpiece. And keep in mind, this was all done in a few days.


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