Ludum Dare 36

From 26th to 29th August we organized the local event of Ludum Dare 36. In 4 days people interested in game development gathered, formed teams and created 6 awesome games for the global Ludum Dare competition. During the game jam we had around 30 jammers in total, who learned new skills, found interesting people and realized their game ideas. The topic this time was Ancient Technology.

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The event started on Friday with a socialization and team formation part organized by Ruutu10.

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After 3 days of development, our local jury played, rated and commented the made games. Awards to the best games were from the Institute of Computer Science, ORDI and Olevus Art.
We also gave out 2 awards for the Most Learned Jammers chosen by our organizational staff to Vidrik and Marten.

LD36-Awards LD36-MostLearnedJammers

Fearsome Frontier by Toltec

Top-down defense game, where you defend your dungeon from bands of raiders. You can place floor traps of coffins with mummies to keep the raiders from getting to your treasure. The dungeon maps are procedurally generated.

LD36-SixthPlace-game LD36-SixthPlace

Uuug by TEBE

A simple platformer adventure game, referencing many ancient technologies, like the wheel and fire. You play as a caveman, whose pet gets lost in a cave. As you struggle onward through cascades of ineffective wheels, you need to keep track of and replenish your energy.

LD36-FifthPlace-game LD36-FifthPlace

Windows Misery: Professional Edition by Ballmer Peak

For many the most ancient technology could be Windows 95. This humorous game has you send a picture of a cat to your friend, but as some of us know, doing it in Win95 can be a real adventure. Inspired by real life events and the hacking game genre, this game features many pop culture references and things are not always what they seem to be.


Tic-Tac Dungeon (III place) by Power of 3

This is a puzzle game, where you have to orient circular hallways of a labyrinth to guide adventurers to the next level. The labyrinth features monsters and blocked corridors. All level are procedurally generated, thus the game has good replay value.

LD36-ThirdPlace-game LD36-ThirdPlace

Melancholy (II place) by Clockwork

An adventure game with a deep and eerie story. This game includes a rich environment oozing with all sorts of creepiness and depression. Gameplay consists of binary decisions, which each have their own impact on other events featured in the game. The visuals and music together create a very immersive experience for anyone brave enough to adventure in the world of Melancholy.

LD36-SecondPlace-game LD36-SecondPlace

Space Drunk (I place) by WASD’K

The winning game of our local competition contemplates the effects of drunk spaceship driving. The main character is a tipsy alien, who accidentally travels back in time to an ancient Russian space station Mir. There the alien meets Igor, Babushka and a bear, who help him get back to the original timeline, while staying moderately drunk. The drunken zero-gravity feel is conveyed by the unusual movement mechanics, suiting background music and several humorous characters with witty dialogues.

LD36-FirstPlace-game LD36-FirstPlace

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