Global Game Jam 2018 // Tartu

Global Game Jam 2018 happened 26-28 January. We ate humongous amount of pizza (72), formed 13 teams with 53 jammers. The theme was “Transmission”.
This was also the 10th anniversary of GGJ and all over the world, 42,800 jammers made 8,606 games in 108 countries.

We also did local voting and this time games got 400 votes (it was 250 last time). <== You can go and play all the games through this link and see the voting results. Winners of local voting were….


Team Cleanbud:  Wololo Me Tender (III place)

Wololo me tender is a game about two religious priests competing to convert as many peasants as possible, walking around cities and preaching their faith.

Team B-Team: B Mission (II place)

B mission is an infinite 2D sidescroller with plane switching mechanics. The player controls an overly enthusiastic bee (busy bee), whos sole purpose in life is to transmit pollen to as many flowers as possible.

b-team IMG_1103

Team Doom inc: Doomville (I place)

In the game you are the mayor of a small village. However, the impending doom is around the corner. Choose your actions wisely because every choice can take you closer to the doom. Can you survive 7 days?
doomville2 doomville1
This event would have not been possible without TÜ arvutiteaduse instituut, IGDA Estonia and Tartu Teaduspark.

We also got some help from RC Snail, Skype and A.Le Coq.

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Big thanks to all the jammers.
And of course, Pizzacam.