APT Game Generator @ OLE ROHKEM Student Fair 2016

On the 1st of September we had a booth at OLE ROHKEM Student Fair, together with other OLE ROHKEM student organizations in Tartu. Marko, Ruudi and Merle were there to introduce our organization to everyone interested in game development. Visitors had a chance to ask about our games, their development process and try out the latest versions.

Tudengimess2016-1 Tudengimess2016-2Tudengimess2016-3 Tudengimess2016-4

We estimate that several hundred people played our games and had interest in game development. We displayed many of our titles like Tribocalypse, ColOrigami, Hack_Switch, Tic-Toc Dungeon.

To put people’s knowledge of games to test, we also had a quiz. Here are the results of the answers:

The event ended with a VR expert Ats Kurvet‘s 15-minute presentation on Character Design in Games. In the presentation Ats talked about, how characters in computer games compare to characters in books or movies. He showed the entire character development pipeline, starting from simple silhouettes and ending with the AI logic of the character.

Tudengimess2016-6 Tudengimess2016-5

Thanks to all the visitors, to OLE ROHKEM for inviting us, to Olevus Art for the photos, and of course to Marko, Ruudi, Merle and Ats!

Tudengimess2016-7 Tudengimess2016-8

See you all on the road of game development!

Full gallery: http://huntlus.blogspot.com.ee/2016/09/ole-rohkem-tudengimess-aptgg.html