Schedule – Fall 2017

Schedule for the APT GG talks for the Spring 2017. On Mondays at 18:00 in Aparaaditehas.

Do not miss out in participating in the awesome and unique presentations from our presenters! Optionally you can also bring them candy and shake their hand. 😉

Presenter Title Date
Jaanus Jaggo and Rasmus Rahnu
Jaanus Jaggo with
Rasmus Rahnu

On Video Game Development

The definitive face off (also called a directed discussion) between Jaanus Jaggo – an experienced game developer – and Rasmus Rahnu – an experienced gamer!
Find out the opinionated answers to questions like: Where is the industry today? What are the popular genres? How can indie developers stand out?
Optionally bring popcorn!

Raul Kübarsepp
Raimond Tunnel

Introduction to APT GameGenerator

New to APT GG? No probz, come to this introductory talk to find out what to do during the Fall semester as a member of APT GG.
Everyone is always welcomed to any of our talks, but if you need extra information then this talk is a good place to get started!

Leene Künnap
Leene Künnap

Game Design: Art & Aesthetics

How to make your game look great without any drawing skills? How visuals affect the game feel, immersion and even mechanics? Let’s dive into some psychology and see what people find aesthetically pleasing. 🐈

Egon Elbre
Egon Elbre


Teamwork can make or break your game! Come and learn how to keep the team well organized throughout your game development project. This is not only for project leads, but anyone in your team should know Scrum and basic teamwork principles. Let’s make a quick trip through organizational theory and see how to apply it in practice.

Jaanus JaggoJaanus Jaggo

The Future of PC Game Graphics

What are the bleeding edge graphical effects that are not commonly used yet?
How the art creation pipeline can change in next couple of years?
Also some of my own predictions about future rendering techniques!


Raul Kübarsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Have you managed to get your team together after the summer break by now? Come and show everyone your progress!
This is also the place to find other talented people to join you!


Egon Elbre
Egon Elbre

Do It Yourself: Game Engine

Let’s put together a game-engine from scratch and learn all the pieces to get a game up and running!
Recommended: basic understanding of JavaScript

Jaanus JaggoJaanus Jaggo

Do It Yourself: Mechanical Objects in Blender

You probably know how to model simple things in Blender. But now we are going to create some cool lookin’ mechanical structures, creatures, space ships etc. using a lot of pipes and bolts.
Recommended: basic understanding of Blender

Egon ElbreEgon Elbre

Do It Yourself: Visuals Programming

Have you ever wondered how to make cool art & code stuff?
Let’s cover the basics and get some cool visual demos going.
Recommended: basic understanding of JavaScript

John Avila
John Avila

From N00b to Cool – Self-Made Game Dev!

Meet John! He has studied computer science and is making games as a member of APT GG. John likes aliens, pixel art and wizards battling satanic hordes of demons while riding on a goat. He is always learning and practicing different art forms for game development.
Come and hear John’s story!

Raul Kübarsepp
Raul Kübarsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Games are taking shape? In game development it is important not to take too long breaks in developing. So come and show everyone what you have made during the last month!
Furthermore, the earlier you get feedback, the less costly it is to tweak your design choices!

Egon ElbreEgon Elbre

Do It Yourself: Synths

Have you ever wondered what sounds are made of?
Let’s start from single sample and lead it to a world of generated audio! Come make your own music and sound effects!
Recommended: basic understanding of JavaScript

Tristan Rebane
Tristan Rebane

Soundscapes in Games

Have you ever watched a movie without music, sound effects or any audio at all? Similarly to movies, sound design is one of the most important things in game development. It can enhance your mechanics, moods, visual aesthetics and player guidance!
Tristan has been working with audio and designing soundscapes for a long time. Come and learn how to make meaning with sounds!


Ludum Dare 40

The Ludum Dare 40 game jam will take place on the first December weekend. Come and make some nice games with nice people in this weekend of learning and joy. If you are unsure of your skills, then this is the perfect event for you too! If you want, our instructors can help you and you will also learn from your team members. In the end you will have made (maybe your first) a game!

From 01.12 to 04.12
Raul KübarseppRaul Kübarsepp

Game Progress Demonstration

Final game progress demonstration in the Fall semester! Do not miss out to come and talk about your game, show it to others and let them play it. You will be amazed what the players actually do when given a chance!
Hopefully you also have now some comic relief in your game.

Jürmo Mehine
Jürmo Mehine

Comedy in Games

Tragedy, drama, gore and horror are overrated! Or maybe you just need some contrasting comedy to bring those out? Perhaps even some dark comedy?
Professional comedian Jürmo will present anecdotal evidence about where are the correct places to put aliens and sheep in your game!
Optionally bring tissue paper for tears of laughter!

Raul KübarseppRaul Kübarsepp

Christmas Party! Maybe?

Holidays are a good time to spend with your family. Luckily the only family of a game developer is made of other game developers!
Let’s all get together, look back on the made games and chill…


Most of the talks will be available on our YouTube channel for re-watching.

The next presentations will be somewhere in January… TBA