Ludum Dare 35

In April we organized a local event for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam. Ludum Dare is a global competition where people can make computer games during a weekend. Often there are local gatherings for game developers to meet up and build a game together. In our 3D Kasvuhoone we started on Friday (15.04) and finished by Monday evening (18.04). There were around 30 participants with different backgrounds.

Ludum Dare 35 Ludum Dare 35
Overall there were 8 teams contesting with their games. Besides the global competition we also had a local one with a jury of professionals from game development related fields. The 8 teams and games were the following:

EUROPA by Team7

This sidescroller jumping game takes place on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The procedurally generated level includes pools of water and lava. Player controls an indigenous lifeform that can change its shape in order to survive in the different environments.
europa Team 7

Feral by Team Barrel

Feral is an artsy platformer game, where the main character changes its shape between different characters met in this fantasy setting. For example a cat-like creature has agile manouvering abilities, but is suspectable to damage from other creatures. In contrast a rhino-like shape is strong and can charge at enemies. 

feral Team Feral.

ShapeShift by Team Rex

ShapeShift is a casual game is targeted mainly for mobile platforms and tablets. It provides a challange for player’s reactions by having the player change the large shapes in correspondance with smaller approaching shapes. Minimalistic, but a fun and addicting concept.

rex Team Rex

Shape Fiction by Team AFK47

Shape Fiction is a tactical platformer game, where the player needs to continuously vary between different geometrical shapes. The more cube the character is, the better it can wall-latch. A more triangular shape can jump really high and the sphere allows faster movement. Player can pick up and combine different shapes in the world to become the best one suitable for the puzzle at hand.

shape_fiction Team AFK47

Shifter by Team Pohlad (Youngest Participant prize)

Inspired by two brothers and their father made Shifter in the Scratch programming language. Here the player needs to take into account their shape when devouring other characters in the game. This puts an interesting twist on the familiar concept from as the roles of hunter and pray can change really fast depending on the player’s shape.
Entry won the Youngest Participant prize in our local competition.

shifter Team Pohlad

ColOrigami (III Place) by Team Werechicken

Third place prize from our local competition went to this beautiful and atmosfpheric game. ColOrigami is an aesthetic adventure of origami creatures in a paper world. Game includes several suprising puzzles in a mix of real world and paper mechanics.

Team included great students from the Tartu Art School and the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.
Local competition 3rd place - ColOrigami

Hack_Switch (II Place) by Team Anonymous Artists

The second place was given to Hack_Switch, an hardcore puzzle-platformer game in a cyberspace setting. Hacker-robot needs to often switch into the hack space world, where the level changes and directions are reversed. Made in Unreal Engine 4 by a team of 3D artists.
The team comprised of students and educators of the 3D modelling curriculum of Tartu Art School.
Local competition 2nd place - Hack_Switch

Shorn the Sheep (I Place) by Team Zer0fuqs

This very humorous puzzle game won our local competition. It is about alians kidnapping sheep in order to power their space ship. The retro-feel of the 90s is conveyed by this game’s unique look and computer-generated sound effects. Main gameplay reminds somewhat the Rube Goldberg machine idea popularized by the game Tim. In here the player also needs to set up the game pieces (dogs, different buildings) in order to direct the sheep and get the most energy out of the situation.

Team consisted of students and graduates from the University of Tartu computer science and software engineering curricula and Tartu Art School 3D modelling curriculum.
Local competition 1st place - Shorn the Sheep

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Thanks a lot to all the participants, organizers and partners!