Global Game Jam 2017

The first APT GG jam of 2017 was the Global Game Jam 2017 on the 20th to 22nd January. The event was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science, Center of Educational Innovation, Tartu Art School, ORDI and Olevus Art.

The Center of Educational Innovation chose 6 teams to be part of their ÕpiVeski program. During that teams are guided improve and polish their game jam’s educational game into a full product usable by educators in Estonia.

Presenters on Friday were Martin Sillaots from Tallinn University and Edvin Aedma from Interactive Fate. They inspired the jammers with the topics about making educational games.

During the jam there were 10 games completed. The theme of the Global Game Jam 2017 was Waves.

Stone Age
By Ivar Tamm, Reino Meensalu, Raido Kikas, Siim Raudsepp, Nathan Vaino;
Idea: Kristjan Piirimäe

TeamStoneAge-2 TeamStoneAge-1
Turn-based strategy game about the evolution of man during the Stone Age. Ancient primates have to leave Africa because of the changing climate. The species evolve depending on the actions a player takes.



By Joonatan Samuel, Silver Kontus, Sander Sats, Mati Kook, Pihel Saatmann

Puzzle game about the physics of light. Player has to direct laser-beams by directing a series of mirrors. Game educates people about optics by illustrating reflections and refractions.

LightWave TeamLightwave-1


House of Cash
By Veiko Klemmer, Imre Raudsepp, Merle Palk, Evelin Rätsep, Mehis Pärn

TeamHouseOfCash-1 TeamHouseOfCash-2
Business management game, where players are thought principles of economics. Each player is a member of a company and is gets a number of tasks. Performance on the tasks creates net flow for the company and subsequently to the player. Bad decisions affect performance.

HouseOfCash-2 HouseOfCash-1


Pirate Cyclops
By Raido Uudel, Enriko Saar, Fortunat Mutunda

Card game with logic puzzles. Player has to pick not only the correct cards, but also apply a logical operation between the cards in order to defeat waves of enemies.

TeamPirateCyclops PirateCyclops


Cooking Simulator
By Reimo Luik, Meelika Kaarna, Priit Nool, Ave Kodar, Karoli Saar

TeamCooking-2 TeamCooking-1

Beautiful game about cooking and home appliances. Aimed at pre-school children to learn about the dangers and joys of the kitchen.



By Kristjan Kroonimägi, Rein Tikk, Erich Brutus, Federico Tubiello, Toomas Loide

TeamTIIM-2 TeamTIIM-1

Game about team management. Player is tasked to lead a project to success, but the employees encounter hindering situations. Being the project lead, player has to make difficult choices in order to keep the team motivation up and complete the project before the budget runs out.



Chemistry reaction board game
By Roman Gorislavski, Anhelina Prokopenko, Indrek Kula

TeamCardGame-1 TeamCardGame-2

An augmented reality card game that teaches chemistry. Players can use augmented reality to see the properties and uses of different chemical components marked on real life cards.



Otsim (III place)
By Aroonika Voites, Egon Elbre, Mikk Oad, Tiina Orav, Külli Sari
Idea: Tuuli Hiiesalu

TeamOtsim-1 TeamOtsim-2

Estonian alphabet and vocabulary learning puzzle game aimed for small children. Game features a cute pink character and a small story of going to the beach and discovering the world. In each phase players have to find and recognize words from a scrambled grid of letters: words with a relation to the story give more points. Easily understandable and still challenging gameplay makes this fun for everyone, but especially educational for children.



Lifeguard VR (II place)
By Madis Vasser, Karl Lomp

TeamLifeguard-1 TeamLifeguard-2

An HTC Vive game about the daily job of a life-guard on a beach. Players have to spot people in danger from a crowded beach and utilze the tools of a lifeguard (lifebuoy, lifejacket and a whistle) to save them. Game features very realistic events that can happen on a beach. For example the kids playing to drown in the shallow water, both passive and active drowning in the distance, people not wearing lifejackets on a dingy etc.



Mind Stone (I place)
By Sercan Altundaş, Daniel Kütt, Leene Künnap, Stanislav B, Joosep Jääger

TeamMindStone-1 TeamMindStone-2

A third-person adventure game about sharing knowledge. Player controls a small child heroine, who has to save the world from invading alien-monsters. She does that by answering different educational questions proposed by the aliens and thus sharing the knowledge with them. Throughout the game, player can find a pencil, a book, an apple and an hourglass to help with more difficult questions. Game features a very child-friendly outlook in both the graphics, aesthetics and gameplay. Perfect for young children and an educator, who can specify the questions asked throughout the game!

Mindstone-1 Mindstone-2 Mindstone-3


Big thanks to all the jammers, who made all those wonderful games!

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